Video: Custody Battle Erupts In A Fight At McKinley Elementary

August 12th at 8:40am – Corona PD responded to a fight in progress at McKinley Elementary School. Black male adult on foot approached another black male adult inside a white Honda Accord in the drop off lane in front of the school and immediately became physical by striking the driver in the face multiple times unprovoked.  The attacker was the child’s biological father whom was upset that the childs mother and new boyfriend were dropping off the child at school without the fathers involvement.  An off duty police officer displayed his badge and attempted to stop the fight however the aggressor turned around and briefly attacked the off duty officer.  Both parties were separated and Corona PD was notified.  Approximately 10 minutes later Corona PD arrived on scene and was speaking with the aggressor and the off duty officer.  Several other Corona PD officers arrived Code-3 per request from the duty Sgt.   30 minutes after Corona PD went on scene, the off duty officer was no longer present and the aggressor was not in custody and appeared to be calmly speaking with officers.  It’s unsure if an arrest was made.






Video taken and submitted by Ryan Lenahan



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