RCTC & City Leadership Address Freeway Project Concerns

In response to the Mayor’s Open Letter to Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) last week in regards to the SR 91 Project, a meeting was held at 6 a.m. Monday morning with RCTC and City leadership to address the concerns. RCTC’s Executive Director, Anne Mayer, toured the city during the morning school and commuter rush hour along with Mayor Eugene Montanez, Councilmember and RCTC Commissioner Karen Spiegel, City Manager Darrell Talbert, and Public Works Director Nelson Nelson.

The morning’s tour highlighted several of the traffic prone areas that Corona leadership is most concerned with including the Kirkwood and Sierra Del Oro neighborhoods. It was apparent that freeway traffic moves faster than side streets and the need to reduce cut-through traffic is a high priority to alleviate pressure on our residents.

Going forward, RCTC and the City of Corona have agreed to collaborate for improved communication to our residents with additional SR 91 Project information. There will also be an enhancement of technical team meetings and an increase in rapid response to problems reported in and around the city as a result of the SR 91 Project. The technical team will consist of City Engineers, Project Contractors, and Contracted Engineers in order to ensure all parties are working cohesively to better serve the residents of Corona. Finally, RCTC has made funding available for city costs including an additional police presence to assist in traffic management.  RCTC reiterated its commitment to pay for the city’s added costs in the areas of traffic enforcement and public works.

Working collectively, we are striving to keep our residents informed and safe during the remainder of the SR 91 Project. We encourage you to please have patience, drive safely in and around construction zones, and please be courteous to the construction workers who are working hard to make our City a better place to live.

For more information on the SR 91 Project please visit the website, call the project helpline at 1-877-770-9191, or email SR91Project@RCTC.org.

Press Release By: City Of Corona

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