In February 2014, the Corona City Council approved a Request for Proposal for a City Unified Camera System to synchronize all City-owned cameras into one video management system (VMS). The goal of the Unified Camera Project was to enhance the Corona Police Department’s efforts to provide a safe public environment to conduct business and enjoy our neighborhoods with minimal fear of crime.

In phase I of the project, the camera system has unified approximately 444 cameras including City building cameras, traffic management cameras and cameras at six selected City parks. The Corona Police Department will administer the new video management system and proactively monitor the system with police officers as well as specially trained volunteers and civilian personnel. The video management system also has multiple viewing stations available within City Departments so they can monitor their respective areas.

The Unified Camera Platform acts as a force multiplier and allows the Corona Police Department to be more proactive in their policing. This new proactive camera system includes a video management system, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, one way speakers and wireless networking at City parks. During the first few months of operation, the camera system assisted in arrests for drug possession and drug sales at local parks. Additional cameras will be added to the system that will cover additional traffic locations, City parks and other City-owned facilities in the future with a continual effort to keep our City safe.

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