Beware! Individuals are Impersonating Corona Fire Safety Inspectors

It has come to the attention of the Corona Fire Department that certain individuals may be misrepresenting themselves as fire department employees. Businesses are being targeted by individuals who wear official looking “uniforms” and perform questionable “fire safety inspections”.  These individuals typically enter businesses and state that, “they need to inspect the fire protection system.”  These components can include alarms, fire sprinklers, hood systems, and fire extinguishers.  Oftentimes, these “inspectors” ask an unsuspecting employee to sign a form authorizing the inspections.  Subsequently, the business owners will receive an invoice for various services that were performed.

The Corona Fire Department inspects businesses annually and fire department inspectors will always have proper Corona Fire Department identification.

Business owners should ensure that companies who service their fire protection systems are legitimate.  This can be accomplished in these five simple steps;

  1. They must identify what company they represent and produce proper identification.
  2. They must tell you what they intend to do and give you an estimate BEFORE you agree to their services (DO NOT pay in cash).
  3. They must be able to produce a City Business Tax Certificate.
  4. They must leave any parts they have replaced and charged for.
  5. Do not allow an unsolicited company to service your fire protection systems.

Other things you can do;

  • Ask to see their City Business License.
  • Ask to see their State License.
  • Before agreeing to have your fire equipment serviced, check with several approved service companies to get competitive bids.

Anyone who offers – or demands – to inspect your business but does not meet the above standards should not be confronted. Instead, call the Corona Police Department at 951-736-2330 immediately.


Source:  InnerCircleCorona

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