Air Rescue Crew performs hoist rescue in Forest Falls

On Wednesday, 8/12/2015, Air Rescue 306 was dispatched to assist the San Bernardino County Fire Department regarding a hiker (Jose Gonzalez) who had climbed the rugged terrain northeast of Big Falls in Forest Falls. Gonzalez was unable to come back down from the 6,500 foot level. He was hanging on to a large rock, was unable to move and in danger of falling.

Just as the crew arrived on scene and was preparing for the hoist, Gonzalez was able to slowly climb onto the rock, position himself on top and minimize any potential for a fall.

San Bernardino County Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic Jennifer Deshon was lowered by hoist approximately 50 feet and was able to attach a rescue harness to Gonzalez. Deputy/Crewchief Carlos Quezada lifted both of them up and into the aircraft. Gonzalez was transported to nearby San Bernardino County Fire Department ground personnel for treatment. Gonzalez had no physical injuries.

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