Child Predator In Corona – Be On The Lookout!

A parent whom wishes to remain anonymous has reported that yesterday her daughter was followed home from Centennial High School by the man in the picture attached to this post.  This man followed the girl in his car, then on foot, approached the girl and offered her money (this is when the picture was taken) to get into his car.  After the girl refused he got back into his car and followed the young girl.  The girl told him that she was only 14 and the male told her that he doesn’t mind and that he was 24.

The young girl stayed calm and videotaped him without the male knowing.  Luckily a good samartian stopped to help because the women could tell something was wrong and the male suddenly took off.

A police report was filed with CPD and an investigation is underway.  According to CPD, the man is out of San Bernardino.  If you have any information, please call CPD.

UPDATE:  The suspect has been arrested.



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